stashed magazine

The magazine is an independent publication created by students from DMJX school of visual communication in Copenhagen. Showcasing creative work from brilliant students. We’ve so far published two issues and currently putting final touches on the third issue.

editors of stashed magazine:
Alexander Foersom - Design Editor
Alexander Hjorth Jespersen - Photo Editor
Andrea Sofie Schenstrøm - Digital Editor
Aske Backer - Design Editor
Astrid Vinbech Munkholt Sørensen - Design Editor
Emma Egede Skafte - Editor in Chief
Ida Dueholm - Art Director
Mathilde Juul Damkjer - Design Editor
Nanna Greiersen - Art Director
Oliver Botfeldt - Photo Editor
Stine Foss Petersen - Design Editor
Therese Lærke - Photo Editor